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MARCH SPECIAL - SkiniMini Spatula Grab Bag

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MARCH SPECIAL - SkiniMini Spatula Grab Bag

We are rotating through a special item each month: this could be something we don't normally stock, something we might often sell in-person but not online, or something we made for fun that we may never make again!

Each product comes with FREE SHIPPING if bought on its own, so you can feel free to try something new this month. Quantities are VERY limited, so order soon!

March's Special is: SkiniMini Spatulas. We adore these lil' guys: they're the perfect size for getting into condiment jars or spreading cheese from your charcuterie tray. We also call them "oatmeal spatulas" or "peanut butter paddles": not only do they stir pastes really well, they double as a convenient scoop from which to eat!

We typically price these from $10-15, but -- for the March Special -- EVERY one is just $10, plus free shipping.

**You'll note that they all vary a bit in design and size, so -- as we're choosing for you -- prepare to be surprised with which one you get!**

We've only got a few for sale this month, and we suspect they'll go quickly; grab yours while you can!