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Care Instructions / More About The Woods We Use

Please note: when you order online, we choose the type wood you'll receive.  However, you are welcome to request something specific and we'll do our best to fulfill it if we have that wood on hand.

Nearly every piece of wood comes from our Boise-based tree-trimming business.  When someone in our town needs a tree trimmed or removed from their yard, Mike works hard to save any pieces that would make good utensils.  Perfectly-good wood that was otherwise headed to the dump continues its life instead as a beautiful tool in someone's kitchen, and can be passed down to the next generation.

By sustainably-harvesting the wood we use and responsibly recycling it, we like to think we're paying tribute to the tree from which it came. 

Sometimes someone gives us lumber that is too good to pass up.  We've used wood that used to be flooring, gun stocks and scraps from box-makers and sawmills.  No matter where the wood came from, we'll only use it if it's free of toxins and chemicals. 

Most of the wood we use, though, is straight from the source.  There's a reason why Boise is called "The City of Trees": we're able to get maple, birch, ash, walnut, cherry, pear, apple, apricot, locust, plum, mulberry, oak and more . . . all within a 10-mile radius.  All these woods make great, sturdy cooking utensils!

The color of the piece is it's natural color ; we finish the piece only with mineral oil, and never with a stain.  It is amazing to see how the color of the wood can vary from tree to tree or even just within different parts of the same tree!  No matter which color you order, we will label your piece with the species of wood so you'll known upon receipt which type of tree it came from.

Because we hand-make every single item, whatever utensil you order will be completely unique.  You can feel good knowing that you are the proud owner of a responsibly-made, strong, one-of-a-kind piece!

1) handwash with soap and water
2) if you feel like your piece is drying out, rub it with some mineral oil (some people do this once or twice a year, some never do!)
*we recommend you keep your wood out of the dishwasher, as the high heat can dry it out faster

We'd love to talk to you!  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.